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about cori

Cori Howard is a senior communications strategist who turned an award-winning career as a journalist into a successful media consulting business. Today, she works with a wide variety of companies and organizations developing new and innovative media strategies and coaching them on using digital content, social media and traditional PR to engage their audience and build their brand.


With several books under her belt, she understands the power of storytelling in building an audience. But her unique skill is combining her understanding of mainstream and social media with developing cutting-edge strategies to engage audiences in new ways. Her clients include some of Canada’s most notable companies in real estate, health & wellness, high-tech, non-profits and First Nations.

Using her connections with the media and her understanding of what makes a good story, she is well positioned to advise your company or organization on media relations and social strategy and to help you define realistic goals for building your brand, getting media attention and developing meaningful relationships with the people you serve.

why work with Cori?

Working with a solo consultant means your company gets Cori’s full attention and she is responsible for all your media relations needs. That one-on-one relationship can garner big results on all sides – attention to detail, cultivating an expertise in your company and maintaining meaningful media relationships. Companies hire Cori for her ideas, media connections and deep experience in journalism, publishing and PR. They keep hiring her because of her results. Combining her years of experience as an award-winning journalist with her expertise in PR, communications and digital strategy means she’s got her finger on the pulse of what makes a good story, what story will draw readers and how to really engage your clients, buyers or audience in a meaningful way.