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Why storytelling is still more important than “content”

The reason I work in PR is the same reason I started my career in journalism – I want to tell memorable, authentic stories about the products, people and places I love. When there are great stories, I want to tell them, share them, and maybe learn something along the way.

How often have you heard the expression: “content is king?” That phrase is now used so often, it’s become a cliché. But what is content? To me, it’s a great story, a memorable message or a shared experience. The only difference with telling brand stories today versus a few years ago is that these stories can now be multidimensional ­ with, images, videos, animation, infographics and editorial. Change in the media and tech world is inevitable and moving forward at warp speed. It’s hard for even someone like me, inside the industry, to keep up. And though attention spans may be depleting, the value of good storytelling stays the same.

For me, content isn’t a new trend to chase—it’s something that’s defined my work forever. It’s the heart and passion of my business. It’s writing an Op-Ed for a First Nations Chief to share the story of the impact of LNG on his people and his territory. It’s finding the realistic, authentic story of a real estate developer so they can connect with buyers who will be happy with their new home. It’s connecting developers with partners in the arts and non-profit world to make a contribution to community and share that message across various media platforms.

I’m all about change and new technology, but I’m really staying rooted in the basics—telling great stories. And to me, that’s the most refreshing and human approach to communications.

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