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Hiring a New CEO = Making Headlines

When Modo asked me to work with them to promote their brand new CEO, I was so excited. I’d worked with them as a partner on a real estate media campaign and knew a little about their rapid growth and their potential for more. But on its own, the story of a company hiring a new CEO is not news. What made it news and what landed Nathalie Baudoin on CBC Radio – English and French – as well as in the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Courier, Business in Vancouver and BC Business magazine is my best kept secret – knowing what turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, what turns every day events into something that will matter to readers and viewers.

In two months, PR efforts generated stories in more than 5 media organizations, and 2.7 million readers. The goal of the short PR campaign was to build buzz about Modo. Now, after our efforts, the growth of Vancouver’s only local carshare is on the lips of millions of readers.


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